Monday, December 26, 2016

Enemy Buildout

Hey Guys! We have a new build up and ready for people to try out. The main theme of this build is creating a much larger variety of enemy types to fight against. There are a bunch of new enemies in this build but more importantly the framework has been put in to make adding more enemy types much faster in the future. So, we will continue to enrich this over the next few builds. You can try out the build at this link...

Privateers Alpha v0.22

Also, if you want to see me get creamed by the new Demon Boss then here is the let's play :-).

The change list for this build is below...

---- v0.22 ----
- New fire demon enemy type
- New alpha demon enemy type
- New demon boss enemy type
- New ice skeleton enemy type
- New fire skeleton enemy type
- New skeleton lord enemy type
- New poison skeleton enemy type
- New fishman alpha enemy type
- New fishman guru enemy type
- New alpha sea golem enemy type
- New poison skeleyon enemy type
- Improved random variation for caves, crypts and dungeons
- New fire ember weather
- Added syphon life ability
- Added fire blast ability
- Added fire maze ability
- New UI on hovering over enemies

- Tons of bug and balance fixes


  1. Hello from Russia! Cool game whith a lot of bags :-D

    Bug report(sorry for my bad English):
    1) loot and enemies drop/spawn out of boat/ship;
    2) When i left port, i met mercant ship(it was too close and i hadn't any choose), When i left this ship, i met port again, and next.

    W8 next update, good luck!

    1. Thanks for giving it a try! I am making fixes for #1 in the next build. Thinking about how to fix #2 as well.

    2. One bugs more: assasin armor(if i don't wrong) whith out "armor type".
      And i think need to improve control of characters. My ideas : Select to click on status bar(right and up part of interface) or push key(1 - 1st, 2 - 2nd ...). And maybe auto heal - option in person equipment, to heal at time then hp < some %, or hero takes lethal damage.