Monday, October 24, 2016

Rethinking Everything

Hey everyone! The latest build is up for people to try out. The changes in this build are pretty dramatic because I decided to take a step back and objectively evaluate if the game mechanics were working out we had hoped. After doing this, there were a couple of design choices that I decided to change. You can grab the build at the link below...

Privateers Alpha v0.21

The most major design changes were the following...
  1. We are removing the action controls and only keeping the strategy controls. They were making the game too chaotic and preventing us from really reaching the tactical depth we wanted
  2. We changed items to be procedurally generated instead of hand crafted. The loot game just wasn't interesting enough and this has helped to spice it up.
There are a bunch of other changes involving how abilities work and a ton of new abilities. They are all directed to make the game more tactical and cerebral. Check you the play through that I recorded below or just try it yourself by downloading!

Here is the more complete change list...

---- v0.21 ----
- Reworked controls to remove direct control and focus on the tactical element of the game
- Abilities now have a cast time associate with them which can be interrupted
- Enemy humans now use abilities against you based on their class
- Class abilities are now randomly selected from a small set
- New channeling type of abilities
- Items are now procedurally generated with various rarities
- Tons of bug fixes from playtesting
- Added Summon Fishmen Ability
- Added Rock wall Ability
- Added Wild growth Ability
- Added Heal Ability
- Added Channel Heal Ability
- Added Burst Shot Ability
- Added Cripple Ability
- Added Silence Ability
- Added Mass Silence Ability

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