Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gulping Down a Cold One

Hey everyone! We a have a new build out for you to check out which includes a bunch of polish and bug fixes. Also, it has a fancy new tavern which you can can meet new crew mates or gossip to find out about adventures to go on. 

New characters in tavern

If you want to give it a play for yourself, you can download it here...

We are really buckling down and figuring out what is left before we can take the game to pitch to publishers. So, the main focus is on fixing bugs, polishing and balancing and filling out content. We are planning on dropping v0.26 in early februrary which should include a lot of new content including new events for people to play. If you are interested in just watching a bit of gameplay, you can check out a video of v0.25 below...

As always, thanks for your feedback and support!