Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Let's Get Piratey

In this build we are trying out a new theme which is basically your classic pirate theme. The tiles that are used for the ship are from the actual artist Kurt, so they should resemble the style that the finished project will look like You can check it out here...

Don't be critical with this build because it is pretty raw. I wanted to play around with some of the concepts we are thinking of, so I have prototyped a bunch of stuff. However, I don't want to make everyone wait until it is all over before you try it. So, I have posted this build up for you despite its obvious rough edges. So, enjoy all of the numerous bugs that I am sure it contains.

Fighting the undead on your ship

The main thing to notice in the build beside the pirate theme is the event system. This is where you can sail to different locations and a different event will trigger at each one. Right now, when you sail it just randomly spawns an event. In the future, there will be some sort of map that you can pick the location you want to sail to. This gameplay style is borrowing a lot from "FTL" which fans of that game will notice right away.

Example of event text

I am pretty excited about the event driven gameplay because it allows us to do a lot of different stuff. Most of the places that you visit will have some choices that you can make. What you chose will determine how the event plays out. For instance, if you come across a merchant ship you could choose to attack it or to trade with it. Whichever you chose will make a large difference in how you are able to progress.

Shout out in the comments with what cool events you think should be added into the game! And of course, any other feedback is always welcome.