Thursday, July 2, 2015

First Impressions Matter

Hey Everyone! We have a new build out today for you to try out. The major changes are around the starting experience of the game. These include adding a new starting event, adding dialogue with NPC's and a new tutorial system. If you want to give it a play then the link is here...

This week we are trying something new and instead of blogging all of the new information we have put together a short "let's play" in which we demo some of the features in a video. You can check that out right here...

This is the build that we will be using to submit for entry to SIX, so we are holding our breath that we will get accepted. Please leave us any comments you have on the gameplay and if you like the "let's play" format more than a traditional text blog.

Below is the more detailed change list for this build...

---- v0.14 ----
- New start event for escaping a slavers ship
- New tutorial system to teach the mechanics
- Crew can now be bound as prisoners
- New event infrastructure for more variety
- New dialogue system allowing you to talk to NPC's
- New sprites for cave entrance and exit
- New firepit sprite with flickering light
- New pirate camp event

- Bunch of bug fixes

1 comment:

  1. What a great game! Thanks for the update. Please tell me I will get to kill Johnny Depp along the way. I'm very sick of Jack Sparrow.