Sunday, August 2, 2015

Going to SIX! (barely)

Hey Everyone! I am excited to announce that we are going to be demoing Privateers at the Seattle Indies Expo on August 30th. We were actually right on the cut line to get in, but managed to squeak through at the last second :-). If you are in the area then you should come swing by and check it out. We will be putting together a special demo which should be fun for people play.

In celebration of this announcement, we have a new build which we have put up for you to enjoy. The focus on this build is to add tons of new items and abilities in order to really open up the game play options and the progression. You can check it out here...

If you want to see some of the different items and abilities shown off then I have recorded a short video which does just that. Check it out below...

Let us know in the comments what items or abilities you would like to see in the game!

Full Change List for v0.15 
- Add new abilities which last over a duration of time
- New healing aura which heals over time in an area
- New fire wall and electric field which damages over time
- Mass stealth which can make your whole crew stealth
- Summon golem to fight for you
- Summon a group of twerps to fight for you
- Plague which poisons a group of enemies
- War cry which gives your crew speed
- Taunt to force enemies to attack a specific character
- Ice explosion which slows enemies
- Fireball which deal damage to a group of enemies
- Invulnerability which protects against damage for a time
- Many new items taking advantage of new abilities
- Crew classes can now only use certain types of armor/weapons
- Armor now scales with level
- Fixed several bugs in attack timing and attack collision detection
- Added Hydromancer class
- Added Elementalist class
- Rogue class is now called the Picaroon
- Picaroon's can use assassinate ability while stealth
- Barbarian class is now called Corsair
- Corsair has the ability to taunt enemies using war cry
- Fixed a bunch of bugs
- New giant minotaur enemy type

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