Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Sweet New Style

Hey again everyone! This weeks build is all about style. Kurt has been cranking away in order to pump out a bunch of new sprites and animations for the characters in the game. So far, we have humans (with different hair styles), twerps, fishmen, giant robots, sea golems and gas skeletons. They all looks really sweet so check out the latest build below and give it a play.

I will keep this post pretty short because most of the new stuff you should really see by playing yourself. Nonetheless, below are some screen shots of some of the new characters. However, you really have see them in action to really appreciate the awesome animations.

Trying to survive a robot attack

How did sea golem's get on my boat!?

Twerps spawning from a portal

Another new feature that is introduced in this build is the ability to go on an excursion onto an island. In the future we plan to do a lot of different events that will take place on islands, but for now there is just one simple one to test the feature. Most of the work this release went into building a framework that can randomly generate islands on the fly. So, pretty much every island that you go to in the game will be a little bit different. The system is pretty interesting as it uses an alteration on a classic midpoint displacement algorithm in order to generate the terrain. In the future as we fill out the island content much more, so I am sure that I will have more to say about it then!

Wandering around a random island (test graphics)

As always, thanks for following along and beware of the many bugs you are sure to find in the build! Below is a list of the major changes in the build if you are interested. Also, don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments.

---- v0.9 Ship Notes ----
- New more realistic water sprites
- Add new human sprites
- Make humans NPC's able to equip and use various types of weapons
- Add Twerp enemy type which is small and fast
- Add framework for random island generation
- Add new Twerp Portals event
- Add Steam Robot enemy type
- Add Gas Skeleton enemy type
- Add island event (test graphics only)
- Major perf improvements to the sprite manager system
- Add Fishman enemy type
- Add Sea Golem enemy type
- Make enemies able to have multiple attack types
- New Portals event type

- New events for new types of enemies

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  1. Hello peoples. This is my first time posting about our progress. A lot more of my art design is starting to appear in this build. We have been working with my designs for some time getting them ready for this build. The big robot Sam posted a screen shot of is pretty fun.

    So, art direction wise, the robot is a great subject for some of what I am looking to do here. Much of what we have put together so far has been just the basics. We need a basic character who is very sound and works pretty well. We need a few different monsters to fight as well as just basic dudes. We needed a ship. So the robot is an example of how I am going to start telling stories with the character design. A monster like this would have taken a group a long to assemble. I am designing a culture to go along with this metal monster. I am designing armors and clothes and ships and places that are associated with these people as well. In future builds, you can expect to see more of the folks who put the robot together. I already have some basic armor put together. I also hope to include some animated elements on basic characters, spinning cogs on guys arms or on their weaponry.