Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Bit More Tech

When building a new game (on a new engine you haven't used) there is a lot of time spent just putting together the underlying tech necessary for the type of game you are making. That is what the past few weeks have been spent on for me. Unfortunately, this doesn't result in all that much new content which is fun to play. However, it does help flesh out the vision for what I think the game will be in its final form some day. So, try it out here...

There are two main new changes introduced in this build. The first one is a new merchant system that allows you to buy and sell items in certain event locations. Along with this I added a few new events which result in you being able to make trades. In the future, trading items will be a vital way of decking out your gear, your crew and your ship.

Trading items at a merchant port

The other piece of tech is a new travel map that your see when you want to sail. This shows you a map of where you are and the various locations that you can chose to sail to. The addition of this gives you a much better feeling that you are actually travelling somewhere between events which is really nice. The art used for the map right now is just something I grabbed off the internet, so we will be filling it in with something better in the future.

Choosing a destination to sail to

Anyways, hope this gives you some more of an idea of where we are headed with the game. I am hoping to get most of the tech out of the way soon so that we can start filling in the game with more fun to play content.

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