Monday, March 10, 2014

Something more origonal maybe?

So, here is an update build for the fans. Remember that you can press 'c' to open the change list and read what is new.

Some exciting news this week is that I have added an artist to the team. His name is Kurt and I worked with him before on "Legends of Descent". I am super excited to be working with him again and to see what kind of a sweet style we can come up with.

Over the last week, we have been discussing where our game should be set and what the overarching plot should be. So far, I have just been developing the game as a typical dungeon crawler, which really isn't fresh at all. However, Kurt has come up with a bunch of interesting ideas which I will share out with you guys. Also, my father in law had some interesting ideas as well.

Here are Kurt's different ideas...
  • The game could take place on a fantastical ship. As the ship travels the game will progress and the mood will change based on the surrounding atmosphere. Perhaps at the end of the game it could crash on an island.
  • You are defending an island against an invading army. Each play through you will explore different portions of the island.
  • You are in an ancient military city that comes under a zombie invasion. You have to fight your way out of the city to survive.
  • You are in a forest for that breaks out into fire while you are defending it. By the end of the battle you are defending a pile of embers and ash.
  • You are on a giant and the different areas are represented by areas of his body such as a forest in his hair or a plain on his skin. Perhaps it could even be a rock giant which has grassy areas and whatnot no him.
  • You are in a suspension city which is connected with bridges and has rivers below. Creatures spawn from the canyons below and crawl up into the city.

Here are ideas from my father in law...
  • The game takes place in the world of bugs (amongst the grass and the weeds). You play as one kind of bug that must survive and fight off other bugs and threats.
  • The game takes place in a house and the world is made up of toys.
  • The game is parody on the current vampire craze and reuses characters from them but in a humorous way.
So, as you can see we have a wealth of different ideas at this point. This is the phase of game development that I have heard referred to as the "unreasonable optimism" phase in which you dream up all kinds of crazy things that would be awesome. However, the next step is to reel it in and see what is really possible and what is really fun. So, I think that we will pick a couple of the best ideas and do a bit of prototyping to see what works best.

Sound off in the comments about what setting and plot you think would be awesome for an action rogue-like to take place in. Hopefully you will all get to see some prototypes over the next few weeks.


  1. Maybe this will help.

    1. lol. So awesome. What to do with so many amazing ideas???