Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Huge Content Drop!

Hey Guys, we are dropping our next monthly build and it is loaded with new content for you to try. The writers have been hard at work fleshing out the world and it shows. Play the latest build for yourself here...

Or, if you just want to watch me play it, you can see the video below...

Beyond new events, there is some new sprites from Kurt which are really helping to bring everything to life. Also, I have been doing a ton of polish and bug fixing and things are really starting to firm up. I even managed to play for a whole hour without hitting any game breaking bugs :-).

Battling around new thatched roof buildings

As always, thanks for playing and leave us any feedback you have!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gulping Down a Cold One

Hey everyone! We a have a new build out for you to check out which includes a bunch of polish and bug fixes. Also, it has a fancy new tavern which you can can meet new crew mates or gossip to find out about adventures to go on. 

New characters in tavern

If you want to give it a play for yourself, you can download it here...

We are really buckling down and figuring out what is left before we can take the game to pitch to publishers. So, the main focus is on fixing bugs, polishing and balancing and filling out content. We are planning on dropping v0.26 in early februrary which should include a lot of new content including new events for people to play. If you are interested in just watching a bit of gameplay, you can check out a video of v0.25 below...

As always, thanks for your feedback and support!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Ports and pacing

Hey crew! It has been almost a year since our last update, which is really sad. The scope of the game had become overwhelming and as a result progress dropped down significantly. However, the good news as that the new build is now out for you to try and it is packed full of very meaningful changes. The biggest change is an attempt to scope down the game into something more manageable, which is to remove the sailing experience in favor for a port that is static between adventures. The openness  of the previous sailing experience was cool, but it ultimately left an overwhelming amount of work in order to make it crisp and fun. The port is much more manageable for such a small team as ours. Furthermore, the port adds a really nice pacing to the game since you have an upgrade phase between every event you go on. This matches some of my favorite games such as "XCOM" and "Darkest Dungeon" which mix a high level strategy layer and a tactical layer.

Another big change is the addition of a bunch of new enemy types. Kurt created a bunch of new sprites which can be layered over our basic human model. Each of the new enemy types has new tactics which makes them different to fight. We will be working them into events over the next releases.

New Enemy Types
Lastly, I have added in a leveling system for the crew. They can now level up from 1 to 5 by earning experience in events. Each time that they level up their health and abilities become stronger. This will help the crew's abilities to scale along with the quality of items as the game gets harder at higher levels.

Go ahead and download the latest version here if you want to give it try...

Also, you can check out a let's play where I go through the various changes here...

---- v0.23 ----
- New port replaces the sailing experience
- Tavern added to port for hiring and finding events
- Harbor added to port for purchasing ship upgrades
- Results window showing the loot achieved with each event
- Crew now have levels which increase their power
- New experience system for crew
- There are a bunch of new enemy types with new tactics!
    - Kondanese
    - Ravenman
    - Ogres
    - Goldenmask
    - Drakonid
    - Knights
    - Natives
    - Couple more which need to be finished

- Several bug fixes

Monday, December 26, 2016

Enemy Buildout

Hey Guys! We have a new build up and ready for people to try out. The main theme of this build is creating a much larger variety of enemy types to fight against. There are a bunch of new enemies in this build but more importantly the framework has been put in to make adding more enemy types much faster in the future. So, we will continue to enrich this over the next few builds. You can try out the build at this link...

Privateers Alpha v0.22

Also, if you want to see me get creamed by the new Demon Boss then here is the let's play :-).

The change list for this build is below...

---- v0.22 ----
- New fire demon enemy type
- New alpha demon enemy type
- New demon boss enemy type
- New ice skeleton enemy type
- New fire skeleton enemy type
- New skeleton lord enemy type
- New poison skeleton enemy type
- New fishman alpha enemy type
- New fishman guru enemy type
- New alpha sea golem enemy type
- New poison skeleyon enemy type
- Improved random variation for caves, crypts and dungeons
- New fire ember weather
- Added syphon life ability
- Added fire blast ability
- Added fire maze ability
- New UI on hovering over enemies

- Tons of bug and balance fixes

Monday, October 24, 2016

Rethinking Everything

Hey everyone! The latest build is up for people to try out. The changes in this build are pretty dramatic because I decided to take a step back and objectively evaluate if the game mechanics were working out we had hoped. After doing this, there were a couple of design choices that I decided to change. You can grab the build at the link below...

Privateers Alpha v0.21

The most major design changes were the following...
  1. We are removing the action controls and only keeping the strategy controls. They were making the game too chaotic and preventing us from really reaching the tactical depth we wanted
  2. We changed items to be procedurally generated instead of hand crafted. The loot game just wasn't interesting enough and this has helped to spice it up.
There are a bunch of other changes involving how abilities work and a ton of new abilities. They are all directed to make the game more tactical and cerebral. Check you the play through that I recorded below or just try it yourself by downloading!

Here is the more complete change list...

---- v0.21 ----
- Reworked controls to remove direct control and focus on the tactical element of the game
- Abilities now have a cast time associate with them which can be interrupted
- Enemy humans now use abilities against you based on their class
- Class abilities are now randomly selected from a small set
- New channeling type of abilities
- Items are now procedurally generated with various rarities
- Tons of bug fixes from playtesting
- Added Summon Fishmen Ability
- Added Rock wall Ability
- Added Wild growth Ability
- Added Heal Ability
- Added Channel Heal Ability
- Added Burst Shot Ability
- Added Cripple Ability
- Added Silence Ability
- Added Mass Silence Ability

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Open Sourced Games

Hey Everyone! This is just a short post to let anyone interested know that I have open sourced all of my previous games (not including Privateers) onto GitHub. This includes Legends of Descent which is one of the most popular RPG games on the Windows Phone platform still today. If you are interested in game development then feel free to go and check them out.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dungeon Crawl

Hey Guys! We have a new build ready and this time we are trying something new. Instead of a web build we are putting the PC build up on indieDB. You can check it out here...

Privateers Alpha v0.20 (PC)

We continue to focus on adding fun content to the game with this release. One of the biggest additions is that we have put in a dungeon generator which we are using to create various crypts and tombs which you can take your crew in to explore. They are dangerous places to venture, but the rewards could be great!

Exploring tombs is perfectly safe!
Beyond this, we have put together a bunch of quest chains using the new system from the last release. These give more of a sense of direction while you are playing the game. Stay tuned for us to add a lot more of these in future releases. Another important addition to the event content is that we are working to make reputation have a bigger impact in the game. A example of this is that if you have bad reputation, navy ships will now chase you instead of pirate ships. So, be careful about your choices.

Be careful about running into this guy!

Another thing to look forward to is the new demon enemy type. Kurt recently put this guy together an he looks awesome. They can be pretty hard to handle as well :-).

Demon casting a spell
On a less exciting note, we also had to do a big refactor to change out the plugin we were using for sound effect and music. The one we were using was buggy and we couldn't tolerate it any more. The good news is that with this we add a bunch of new sound effects which really help to crisp up the feel of the game.

As always, enjoy the build and please give us your feedback!

---- v0.20 ----
- New dungeon generator
- Lots of new dungeon events
- Several new quest chains
- Many bug fixes
- New demon enemy type
- Lots of new sound effects
- Navy ships now chase you if you have bad reputation
- Refactoring of event saving to be more stable

- Refactored sound and music to use a new pluggin